Math, English, Music, Languages and Physical Education are skills that require a well-balanced teaching schedule.  The Semester System teaches these subjects for 1/2 of the School Year.  Research shows that long gaps between sequential courses is detrimental to learning and retention of these skills.

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What does the Semester System mean for your High School Student?

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Table 1, MATH & Semester System - Peel Secondary Schools

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Yearlong Math (A/B Schedule).

Math Yearlong 2008

Lobbying efforts began in 2008.  The Peel Board of Trustees voted 6 to 5 to Defeat the motion.

Key Points:

  • Report by Superintendents Nyman and Waterman

Pilot Project - Rick Hansen SS 2010 -12

A pilot project to implement Yearlong Math was initiated in 2010 at Rick Hansen Secondary School, Mississauga.

Retrospective Survey - 2015

The Peel DSB refused to endorse a follow up study to discover the opinions of the students who participated in the 2011 - 12 year of the pilot project.  Your advocate, surveyed Grade 12 students and found that 67% confirmed that they had benefited from the Yearlong Math format.