The Peel District School Board (Peel DSB) responded to my advocacy for a change to the delivery system for Math at Secondary Schools with a report to the Board.

Click below to review the Peel DSB Report:

Peel Board Official Transcript Re year long math

Click below to see my Critique of Peel DSB’s Report:

Critique of Admin Report 2008 – Math All Year Long


The Peel DSB Admin Report cited three (3) academic reports as references in support of their conclusions.  Click below to review these references:

See what these researchers had to say about Math on Pages: 151 to 156:


Here is a Summary of each time Math is mentioned in Zepeda and Mayers research:

For more information on the references cited by Zepeda and Mayers:

Zepeda – Analysis of References


The other researcher cited by the Peel DSB Admin Report was Steven L. Kramer.  Follow these links to learn more about the findings regarding long time gaps between math courses:

Gap Retention, What We know – Semestered Math – Steven L Kramer, Part I with Highlights

Here is a Summary of Kramer’s research (Part 1):

And in Part II; see what Kramer had to say about gaps on Pages 76 & 77:

NASSP Bulletin-1997-Steven L Kramer, Part II, with Highlights

Here is a Summary of Kramer’s research (Part 2):